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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:08    Post subject: vipak Reply with quote

Dear YTMT-Moderators

Because of the death of the player 'vipak' I sent the following message to his current opponent players today by PM:

"Dear YTMT-player

You have one game or even some games open with ‚vipak’. Perhaps you don’t know that vipak has died at the end of January, as ‚sunnymaja’ told me within a game. She was a close friend of him in the real world, had a visit with him the day before his death and told with him two times at the phone the day of his death. Vipak has been online the last time at 23 January and has called for holidays on this website until 23 February. He died one week later – perhaps he knew that he would need much time in the hospital or where ever, not being online anyway.

My proposal to honour him is to give up (=to resign) all games with him before they get to a time-end (end of holidays plus up to 5 days or so). I don’t want to get profit out of the fact that he is dead and therefore is not able to take any more turn. I will resign the game with him immediately after having posted this message to all his current opponents. Maybe you may see that if you click on my name the next days (looking for ‚Oxygen’ in the Menue ‚Users’ on the left side, then clicking on ‚more details’, then on ‚extended overview’). If you don’t believe to this message then please ask ‚sunnymaja’ or ‚hadewe’ by PM.

Thank you for your kindness, overview and wisdom,
in honour to a good and nice player I even didn’t know personally,

best regards,


After posting this message by PM I recognized that all opponents may not resign their games because in the meantime it's vipak's turn and all of us have no influence to the time-end, which means that all games will end by time-end without any possibility to finish the game by myself or by the others who are willing to do this.

May you please resign my game with vipak in favour of him?

May you please resign all games which maybe are announced here to be resigned immediately?

Thank you and

best regards,

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